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why us?

Our Story

When we say snacks for life, we mean literally.

Nutfrusion was born from one man’s determination to take back his life after a sudden and devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Tahnohn went from an active, athletic, basketball player and sailor in the U.S. Navy, to a weak, frustrated father unable to keep up with his young children at the park.

Desperate to stop the symptoms from ravaging his body, he made drastic changes to his diet and routine. After extensive testing revealed the limitations of what he could eat, Tahnohn realized he had nothing to snack on! And so NutFrusion began.

What started as a simple search for snack choices has grown into a passion for carefully crafted recipes, savory ingredients, and exceptional flavors. We use hand selected, fresh fruits and nuts, proprietary recipes, and a perfectly timed dehydrating process to provide you with a simple, satisfying snacking experience.

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