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Passion Frusion

Our extraordinary (and nutritional) all-natural trail mix is the perfect marriage of locally-sourced dried fruits and freshly roasted nuts, bursting with flavor and texture. You don’t want to miss this carefully chosen blend of sweet and chewy Kiwi, Mango and Strawberries combined with the crunchy, roasted, nutty flavor of pecans, almonds, walnuts, and cashews. Our Passion Frusion Trail Mix Blend is an immune-boosting, vitamin C loaded, healthy choice of vitamins, nutrients, and flavorful fiber to get you through the day. Taste our passion with every bite!

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With our high quality mixture of snacks, you will feel better and enjoy better nuts. We believe Nutfrusion will change the way you see mix nuts and make you wonder where Nutfrusion has been all this time.


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Patty B.

The various selections are ALL by far the BEST Healthy alternative snacks we’ve ever eaten. EXCEPTIONAL on the go treat, providing a nutritional boost on the golf course or hiking trail…or whatever you enjoy doing – yummy late night treat for those crazy cravings.
I don’t even mind the grandkids asking for more. Healthy Happy Body Mind and Soul goodness. Love LUV LOVE!

Alan N.

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